Our Weight Loss Program

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At Reset Wellness we use the 3 Phase Medically Developed Ideal Protein Nutritional Protocol to reset your metabolic balance and flexibility, burn unwanted fat, spare precious muscle mass, and develop lifetime nutrition and exercise habits so you can look and feel your best for life!

3 Phases To Reset Body - Reset Mind - Reset Possible

Phase 1: Weight Loss

We use a low carb, low fat, adequate protein formula to shift your metabolism into “fat burning muscle sparing ketosis.” This will produce consistent energy, reduce hunger and cravings, and create the fastest healthiest weight loss. Our clients lose an average of 2-5 lbs. per week on their way to their healthy weight goal!

Phase 2: Stabilization

You will start incorporating new fun “Ideal Value” foods into your baseline lifestyle nutrition. Also, the right combination of protein for muscle, and fat to burn for daily activities, and what is your individual “Carb Tolerance” to keep you feeling great and prevent weight regain!

Phase 3: Maintenance

With continued education and support from your coach, you will learn what “Fair and/or Poor Value” foods you may or may not want to indulge in occasionally and how they affect you. You will also learn how to navigate events, holidays, and vacations enjoying fun foods without overindulging and coming out feeling “toxic!”