Success Stories

Let Us Help You Write Your Success Story!

Do you feel stuck and helpless when it comes to the story of your weight loss and fitness journey? Does it seem like someone else is writing your story and it is just not what you want it to be?

Our Reset Wellness coaches will show you how to grab the pen, take charge of your story, and write the next chapter about how you finally lost the weight, feel great, and are off to reaching new health and fitness goal you previously never thought possible!

Read the incredible stories below to see what happens when you connect with your Reset Wellness coach, surrender to the Ideal Protein nutrition protocol, and see results you have always longed for!

Morgan S.

Lost over 70 lbs

Have you finally reached your “breaking point” in your constant battle with weight and not seeing any results in the gym?! Do you feel like you are “doing everything right” but your body does not respond like it is supposed to?

If so, then you are just like me! I had reached my breaking point mentally and physically. I had gained and lost weight many times over the years. I was unable to bring myself to do it again, alone. Knowing Ideal Protein was there and ready for me, I surrendered myself and what I thought I knew about health and fitness to my Ideal Protein coach at Reset Wellness and embarked on a journey that not only allowed me to lose, but “gain” in all right places.

The most important aspect of my journey was my coach! I had a safe place to share how I was feeling each and every week. This was a gift. I was comfortably able to speak on the mental and emotional side of my weight loss journey with my coach. Having that safe space to do allowed me to heal in a way I had never been able to before.

My coach supported me in so many ways I had not had in the past. True accountability, consistency, and results beyond the scale. He helped make this journey, my final journey I might add, much easier. Through the ease of the eating plan, the weekly meetings with my coach that came with support and a safe place for me to reach my goals is everything I needed to be where I am now.

Reset Wellness is undoubtedly and genuinely there and ready for anyone who walks through their door! I have and continue to refer friends to Reset Wellness because I am confident that anyone who is ready to rediscover themselves and get back a life once lost, will find it with them!

Al H.

Lost 130 lbs

Has your doctor told you that you need to lose a significant amount of weight to reverse a potentially life-threatening condition or avoid potentially drastic surgery? 

I started Ideal Protein due to having high liver enzyme counts and being told by my doctor that I would most likely need a transplant in 3-5 years due to non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome.

So, after 7 months, I was down 130 lbs. when I went back to see my doctor. My liver numbers had gone from transplant range back to within healthy range which my doctor said she had never seen that so quickly. I do believe that the guidance from your coach as to what to eat and what not to helps greatly for you to succeed quickly and see results.

Initially, I had a bad experience with another clinic which had led me to Dr Barnes, and I absolutely loved that all the coaches at Reset Wellness had been patients of his and had been through the program with him. They give you more positive vibes and/or hope with a journey that we all know will not be easy to do from day one.

I have and 100% will continue to refer people to Reset Wellness for the Ideal Protein program. I was actually referred to them by one of my students that was an Ideal Protein client of theirs and I thank him! I will always pass on the knowledge I have gained as a result of the work I have done with them.

Marlene B.

Are you frustrated that when you lose weight you can never keep it off? Do you keep adding daily medications to your list?

Before I decided to try the Ideal Protein protocol, I had swollen ankles and legs, lower back issues, had been on diuretics, Motrin 800mg 3x a day, high blood pressure meds and indigestion meds for years. My doctors just kept giving me a pill never once suggesting I lose weight. I did attend an informational session for bariatric surgery and was told my BMI wasn’t high enough even though I was considered in the obese range.

Before I started Ideal Protein, I had tried several weight loss programs over the years. I could lose weight but I never kept it off. I did not understand the science behind proper weight loss. I always thought it was you eat less calories than what you need each day, and you lose weight! I was a sugar addict and I didn’t know it. Sugar is inflammatory I didn’t know that.

Needless to say with the Ideal Protein protocol food and proper food choices I have become metabolically healthy. I have learned the science behind weight loss thru doing the IP program. My coaches have taught and guided me thru in person weekly weigh ins, zoom weigh ins, educational videos from IP, zoom seminars thru IP, FB groups, book clubs. The support and wealth of knowledge shared has helped me to understand why & how to lose weight properly and to maintain it for life LIVING MY LIFE POSSIBLE!

Dr. John Barnes, his staff and my coach Lynn Roos at Reset Wellness in Centreville have been instrumental in my weight loss journey. It takes time, patience and compassion for your IP Coach to guide you thru your journey. There are many hurdles to overcome.  They are there to guide you, educate you, and encourage you. They want you to be successful. They listen, brainstorm and strategize with you. It’s a true partnership. This sets them apart from other weight loss clinics. If you are thinking about Ideal Protein, give Reset Wellness in Centreville a call!

Bill R.

Are you “Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?”

Today is a good day to Restart your Wellness

When I started working with John and the team almost 5 years ago my Life Possible was “It’s possible that I’ll fit into these pants today”. Today my Life Possible has turned into “It’s possible I’ll run a marathon this year” and “It’s possible these pants are too big for me”! 

Much more than losing weight, Dr. Barnes and his team have assisted me on a path to greater wellness and taught me that I have power to influence and control my weight and my Life Possible.  Here’s the secret – losing the weight is just the start of getting to a place of happiness that I did not know was possible for me.  If you are sick and tired, of being sick and tired, give it a try. 

I did not get better Tomorrow, I got well Today!

Nancy B.

Lost 40 lbs

Are you frustrated because your weight is up and down like a yo-yo? Does it seem like any time you finally lose some weight, it just comes right back on? That was my story! However, I am sure glad that Dr. Barnes finally convinced me to try the Ideal Protein protocol! It works! I am happy to share that I am 40 pounds down in 5 ½ months!

I find the family atmosphere at Reset Wellness very positive and encouraging. Dr. Barnes takes time to address any questions that may come up regarding nutrition or exercise as you go through the program. I can’t say enough about my coach, Lynn, who has been super helpful, acting as a cheerleader, teacher, and guide during the weight loss phase. Now in the maintenance phase, Lynn continues to support me in my journey to lifelong healthy eating. Everyone in the office was on “Team Nancy,” from Dr. Barnes to the receptionists, to the other coaches, to my personal coach, Lynn.

I’m very excited about my weight loss and look forward to exploring new goals and adventures. If you are on the fence about Ideal Protein, I suggest that you try it; you won’t be disappointed.

Lynnie M.

Are your running or gym workouts a struggle because of your weight? Did you start running thinking it would help you lose weight, but you are not? Does it seem like you have a new training injury every time you turn around?


This is how I felt before I did the Ideal Protein protocol with Dr. Barnes at Reset Wellness! I had come to a point where running and training in the gym were a struggle. So much so that I really felt it was just time to hang up my running shoes and quit. I weighed 150lbs which was the heaviest I had ever been and even though I carried it well I didn’t feel well. My workouts kept me from gaining more weight, but I didn’t ever lose weight either. 


Then I finally listened and took Dr. Barnes advice. I began the IP diet journey with the goal of losing 10lbs. All I can say is WOW this diet far exceeded my expectations. I am not only down 20lbs BUT the best part is all the excess fat I shed.


Now I am following Dr. Barnes’ training and racing nutrition and I have never felt better! I don’t know what he did to me but not only am I back to running I’m exceeding my own training goals and loving every minute! I now actually feel like I could run forever and when I end a training run it’s because of time or miles and not because I have nothing left in the tank. I’ve never been more excited to be running again. The IP protocol is my plan for life.

Don’t waste another day stuck where you are now!

Schedule a consultation with a Reset Wellness coach NOW and let’s get started writing YOUR story of Life Possible! You have nothing to lose but fat, negativity, and past experiences and you have everything to gain!!