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Have you tried to lose weight on your own only to be confused and frustrated by all the conflicting information on the internet about diet and exercise? Have you tried “everything” and just not been able to successfully lose the weight you wanted and keep it off?

At Reset Wellness, we combine the powerful science of the Ideal Protein nutritional protocol with our experienced and compassionate certified coaches! Every one of our coaches has used the 3 phases of the Ideal Protein protocol not only to lose weight, but as the basis for long-term lifestyle nutrition. They are now living out their own versions of “Life Possible” and enjoying second careers helping others make the same journey of transformation through powerful one-on-one nutrition and transformational coaching!

Dr. John L. Barnes

Clinic Director

Are you frustrated that your body does not respond to “diet and exercise” to lose weight like everyone says it should? Have you given up on losing weight and decided you are just stuck being overweight and feeling miserable for the rest of your life?

This is how I felt back in 2015 before I found the Ideal Protein protocol! Like many, I was stressed out with my professional career and life in general and I turned to food for comfort and happiness. Then one day when I was disgusted with myself and tried to lose weight the way I always had before…by eating less and exercising more. This time however, it did not work! I realized I had gone too far this time and I had “broken” my metabolism and I had no idea what to do! So, I gave up and resigned myself to a life of obesity and symptoms.

Then I had a chiropractic patient lose 70 pounds on the Ideal Protein protocol with his cardiologist’s office! It was at that moment I knew there was an answer, and I knew if he could do it so could I! The more I read about the program the more it made absolute sense to me. Not only did I start to lose weight immediately in my first week, but my energy returned, aches and pains melted away, and the brain fog I was experiencing lifted!

Fast forward 7 years later and I have shifted my practice away from chiropractic to the practice of Ideal Protein nutrition for the final chapter of my professional career! I now see the Ideal Protein protocol as the answer I was praying for both personally and professionally for so many years.

Through my own personal journey, and now hundreds of our clients, I have seen that weight loss is the gateway to personal transformation. It has now become my mission, and the mission of my team here at Reset Wellness, to empower as many people as possible to “Reset What is Possible for their Health, Fitness, and Life” through nutrition and one-on-one transformational coaching.

Make today the first day of the rest of your life and start your journey with us!! Let us help you write your own story of Life Possible!

Lori Palau​


Do you feel like you are at the end of your rope with your weight issues and health problems? Are you “sick and tired of being sick and tired?” Are you scared if you don’t find something that works fast, you may spend the rest of your life this way?

Before I did the Ideal Protein protocol, I felt “like I had nothing to lose, yet everything to lose” if I didn’t do something about my weight and my health!

When I took my initial Ideal Protein journey in 2015 with Dr. Barnes, I found out that when you change how you feel from the inside out, you change the way you feel about everything and everyone around you!

Now, in my retirement years, I am enjoying activities like golf, kayaking and yoga which never would have been possible before losing weight and now maintaining my new healthy weight through all three phases of the Ideal Protein program!

This is why I have now become a certified Ideal Protein coach at Reset Wellness, so I can help others make this amazing transformation themselves and continue to live long, healthy, fulfilling lives into their retirement as well!

Because if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything!!

Do not waste another day, let’s get started!!

Lynn Roos


Has your weight become a burden on your health and your ability to perform simple daily tasks? Do you have kids or grandkids that you just can’t seem to keep up with and feel like you are missing out on important parts of their lives? When things in your life go sideways, do you reach for food first and engage in emotional eating patterns?

This was my life before I decided to do the Ideal Protein program back in 2016. I walked into Dr. Barnes office as a 62-year-old grandmother who couldn’t walk without a cane. I had 2 grandchildren that I could not keep up with or fully enjoy their lives in this condition. In fact, if you want to know my full story, just Google Lynn Roos Ideal Protein and watch the video!

Not only did the Ideal Protein protocol unlock my metabolism and propelled me to lose 183 pounds, but it also literally “Reset what was Possible for my Life!!” Now, my grandkids can’t keep up with me!! I can ride amusement park rides I could not before! I’ve gone indoor skydiving twice now that I am way under the weight limit, I was not before!

Has my journey been perfect? NOPE! However, I have had to learn that this is not a “diet” but a program that leads to long-term lifestyle change! As an Ideal Protein Coach, I coach to share my journey and inspire others with what I have learned and continue to learn.

In order to get past the fear of starting this journey and be successful, I have learned that our heart, head, and spirit must be aligned, and I get the chance to help you achieve this!

Layla Rush


Do you feel more and more confused about how nutrition plays a role in your energy levels, symptoms, and health in general? Does the conflicting nutritional advice we get from the media, news and your doctors leave you frustrated with no idea what to eat?

This is how I felt before I did the Ideal Protein protocol with Dr. Barnes back in 2015 when we were first starting to offer it in our clinic. When I went through the program, I was amazed at how much better I felt and how I was losing weight! But more importantly I became educated about why this nutritional approach worked and what foods worked best for my metabolism!

Now, as a certified Ideal Protein coach at Reset Wellness, I get to help others who feel like I did by teaching them this invaluable information so they too can enjoy losing weight, feeling great and what foods work best for their bodies to maintain this healthy lifestyle!

When you are finally ready to learn how to control your own energy, weight, and health, call us and get started!!! I will be here to help you!!!